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Kijing Port in West Kalimantan To Partially Operate This Year, KSP Reports

JAKARTA - The newly constructed Kijing Port in West Kalimantan would be ready to partially operate within this year, the Executive Office of the President (KSP) reported on Monday (12/7). The initial stage of the construction of the port, as one of the government’s national strategic infrastructure projects, was started in 2018 and scheduled for completion in 2020. However, its completion was being pushed back due to the pandemic crisis situation.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Infrastructure, Energy and Investment Febry Calvin Tetelepta said that KSP was tasked to oversee its progress, evaluate its management, and overcome its serious bottleneck, as mandated by President Joko Widodo.

"The construction of the port is carried out within multiple stages, involving construction in land and in sea. It has now finished its first phase, while the second phase is targeted for completion in 2024. We are confident to say that we are on track," Febry said during a virtual meeting on Monday (12/7).

"Land procurement has reached 96% and the port construction for the initial stage has reached 91%," he added.

Moreover, Febri was optimistic that the positive progress will support the partial operation target in 2021.

Technical Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Pelindo II) Zuhri Iryansyah stated that 190.2 hectares of land out of the initial target of 198.58 hectares have been procured without any troubles. Meanwhile, about 5.2 hectares of land is currently being relocated and about 3.1 hectares of land are yet to be legally procured.

“There are several land acquisition problems. The disputed land includes a cemetery complex of the Chinese-descent communities and plots of land belonging to the indigenous group and it remains unsolved," Zuhri said.

He further explained the ongoing redirection plan of the national road which provides access to the Mempawah Port.

“We are in the coordination process with the Mempawah Government to gain local support over the land acquisition process. So, we would like to thank all the support that has been given. We are currently disseminating the land acquisition process to the locals,” he explained.

In his response to the issue, Febry asked both parties to immediately seek a solution by setting a deadline and a feasible target.

"Once the administrative process is done, both parties must speed up the land acquisition process. Meanwhile, we will help to bridge the communication among related institutions to ensure the smooth relocation of the national roads," said Febry.

Sukaliman, the Acting Secretary of West Kalimantan Province, claimed that the construction of the Kijing Port would bring benefits in the distribution of local commodities which include crude palm oil, bauxite, and plantation products.

Further, the port is expected to become the main gate for the shipment of commodities and goods from Kalimantan to other parts of the world.

The Kijing Port was built on 200 hectares of land located in Sungai Kunyit District, Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

It is located on Kalimantan’s western coast, which faces Singapore, and it is deemed very strategic as a hub for the shipment of commodities or goods to and from Far East countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

The initial construction project included the construction of a one-km-long jetty and container terminal with a capacity for 500,000 foot equivalent units (TEUs). It is projected to be in full operation in 2024.